Visual artist Margreet Kramer’s camera focuses, often literally, on daily rituals and their meaning.
Themes such as the masses versus the individual and human vulnerability play a defining role in her work.
The film SYMBOLS OF LUCK shows us symbols of luck from various cultures. For the Armenian people, the pomegranate is an important symbol of luck.
Throwing rice is a symbol of love and happiness in both the East and the West.
It is possible to have the name of an individual who has passed away projected onto the big screen. 

This film was commissioned by Cemetery De Nieuwe Ooster Amsterdam
Concept & Director: Margreet Kramer
Camera: Martijn Melis - Editor: Eline Bakker - Production: Miel van Welzen
Technical: MTS Audiovisueel
With thanks to: Camalot, Studio Ernstige Zaken, Lux & Co


Nieuwe NoorderM.Kramer SYMBOLSOFLUCK

felicity of a rice grain - video still Margreet Kramer




480 HANNAH margreetkramer interactiefvideoproject

480 HERMAN interactiefvideoproject margreetkramer

480 NUNGELTJE interactiefvideoproject margreetkramer

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