480x372 nr.14 HET ZACHTE HUIS 

Material: laminated photo collage 
Size: 10 x 16 cm


The house one lives in

You drag your groceries in and your rubbish out. You call from the upstairs window, invite friends in.

You collect your house; gradually it becomes your own.

You know the crack in the façade, the bulge in the window-pane, a discoloration on the threshold, the damaged window frame.

On the site of the former Energiebedrijf Haarlem (Electrical & Gas Company Haarlem), the artists collective Nieuwe Vide (New Void) presents PLAN Z. Various artists offer their views on the redesigning of the former industrial park. Margreet Kramer takes the existing, monumental factory buildings as her starting point. She covers the houses with human collages, with clearly visible intersecting lines. The beauty of the details; part of a frown, a corner of a mouth. She shields the house with the most vulnerable.

The skin one lives in

Our skin is our first home; a transitory and fragile haven. One collects wrinkles, scars, birth marks, stabs of pain and flakes of skin. The skin is the ultimate collage of one’s life. 

Nell Donkers.