Moon480 Semi Finalist European Cinematography Margreet Kramer




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SEMI FINALIST Euopean Cinematography Awards
AWARD Best experimental film, International Cult Film Festival Calcutta India 2018
AWARD WRPN Woman's International Film Festival Delaware 2021
Los Angeles International Independent Cinema Festival Hollywood Spring Session 2018
FINALIST International Short Film Festival, Tokyo Japan 2020
SELECTED Best Experimental, West Europe International Film Festival Brussel 2019
BRONZE WINNER Best Experimental, International Independent Film Awards Fall Session Enico Hollywood 2018
AWARD Best experimental film, International Cult Film Festival Calcutta India 2018
FINALIST Best Experimental Short Film Aphrodite Film Awards New York 2018
FINALIST Video Art Film, Indie Best Film Festival (Ibestff) Santa Monica USA California
SEMI-FINALIST Official-Selection, Bengal’s International Short Film Festival India 2018
SELECTED Experimental Short Fim, International Arthouse Film Festival Chicago USA 2018

Visual artist Margreet Kramer's work is mainly characterised by literally and figuratively zooming in on our daily rituals and their meaning.
Themes such as mass versus individual, and the vulnerability of people play an important role.
The film was made for a special occasion called HERINNERING VERLICHT to honour the deceased at the cemetery De Nieuwe Ooster in Amsterdam.

My idea was to bring the diversity of the deceased more into focus. So I started looking for attributes that symbolise happiness.

The film SYMBOLS OF LUCK (working title FELICITY OF A RICE GRAIN) shows lucky symbols from various cultures. For instance, the pomegranate is an important happiness symbol for Armenians. And the sprinkling of rice is an Eastern and Western symbol of happiness and love.

The film was commissioned by cemetery De Nieuwe Ooster.
Concept & Direction: Margreet Kramer
Camera: Martijn Melis - Editing: Eline Bakker - Production: Miel van Welzen
Technique: MTS Audiovisual
With thanks to: Camalot, Studio Serious Matters, Lux & Co