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Interactive video project THE KISS: Margreet Kramer
Date: 14 december
Time: 16:00-20:00

Once a year, for a short while, cemetery the Nieuwe Noorder brings the ordinary world for a moment to a halt.
On Wednesday 14 December 2016 changes the cemetery under the hands of all employees and many volunteers in a special place of light, attention and wonder. Next-of-kin can that evening from 16:00 to 20:00 visit the resting place of their deceased.
This year a special interactive video THE KISS of Margreet Kramer will be presented in the auditory. Visitors have the opportunity to place a text which will be projected on the wall in combination of teh video THE KISS.

Location: Cemetry The Nieuwe Noorder
Address: Buikslotermeerdijk 83 Amsterdam (North)
Website Nieuwe Noorder (link opens in new window)